Arts, Culture and Heritage for Melgund Township

The Gallery on 603 Project: Incubating recreational arts and culture for a healthy, resilient community.

The Gallery on 603 Project is a grassroots, volunteer-driven, seasonal community arts and culture collective supporting diverse emerging youth and professional artists and cultural connectors in Melgund Township, Northwestern Ontario. 

Permanent and travelling exhibit spaces are located on two floors along with inspiring video exhibits to view. Exhibits will be changed and refreshed often so visitors can experience the community’s diversity of material and immaterial culture. 

As well as hosting live events, The Gallery on 603 Project is a repository of interviews, films, essays, publications, performance, residencies, talks and games. 2023 will feature new works specially commissioned for The Gallery on 603.

We believe in open-source programming and citizen-led processes, where we share our facilities and resources with a diverse range of artists, individuals and organizations.

Programs resume in January 2023

In 2023, the township will see many exciting opportunities emerging for exhibition, curation, community building, professional and organizational development training.

Repairs to the lower level are almost complete, and a new addition to the Dyment Recreation Hall, under construction since June, is now able to support expanded opportunities for community programming.

We’re excited the Gallery on 603 project will be able to resume supporting in-person and hybrid programming for seasonal and full-time area residents and visitors in 2023.

Programs returning in January 2023!

Arts and culture programming will return in January 2023 with a special exhibition for Canada’s second National Kindness Week.

In February 2023 the project aims to host its first guest curators. 2023 Winter Arts Workshops will be held in partnership with visiting @1860 Winnipeg Arts team members. Also in 2023, the program plans to explore expanding on this September’s highly successful artists retreat with a new artists-in-residence pilot program.

For more information, see our Events Calendar.

Emerging Inuk youth artist Tony Eetak at the Niizhwaaso Collaborative Research Centre at Qaumajuq. He will curating this year’s National Kindness Exhibition.
Visiting Qaumajuq and the Winnipeg Art Gallery for the @1860 Winnipeg Digital Arts gathering, by Jamie Bell.
Many programs in Melgund Township were cancelled after the facility was flooded this year. Repairs and construction for the lower level are almost complete as of November 2022.
In addition to recreational arts, culture and heritage programming, the Community also hosts presentations and workshops on topics like chocolate making, climate change, digital arts and deep geological repositories for nuclear waste. Photo: Jamie Bell
In addition to recreational arts, culture and heritage programming, the community also supports presentations and workshops from visiting artists and researchers. Topics range from artisanal chocolate making and climate change visualization, to digital arts, cultural entrepreneurship and the socio-economic impacts of deep geological repositories for nuclear waste.
Follow the Northern Lights by @1860 Winnipeg artist Tony Eetak.
Follow the Northern Lights by @1860 Winnipeg artist Tony Eetak. Digital photography was a popular theme this summer in collaboration with the Our People Our Climate Project.

Thank you to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Greenhouse program for making our arts incubator project possible. We could not have done it without their support.

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