You are currently viewing Community Updates for 16 November 2022

Community Updates for 16 November 2022

Community Updates for 16 November 2022

The community held a group discussion about the lower level of the recreation hall. The office is now finished, all of the shelving is up and desk has been built. The ceiling is patched, and on the last coat of mud. Baseboards and painting are all that is left as well as the water room.

A discussion was held about the games room progression. Games room is 99% finished waiting on hardware for doors and eavestroughs.

We now have all the Volunteers needed for Garbage Collection! Thanks to all who volunteered!

There is a new community bulletin board at the old mail boxes and it looks awesome, Thank you Maurice!

Christmas dinner was discussed, everyone present agreed we should have a dinner. If you have any questions with the gift exchange or what to bring please contact a board member or secretary treasurer. 

A Food Safety Course training for events was discussed, Terri discussed that she researched this and the course expires every five years. A discussion was had on finding out where and when the course is done and if we could get a few people from the community to get certified so that when we have an event serving food prepared at the Cook Shack. There always needs to be someone there who has this certification.

Terri talked to Jack Robinson who was asking about making the hall more handicap accessible. The gravel is to hard to push someone in a wheel chair and he was wondering if a portion of the parking lot could be paved. Jamie volunteered to look into grants for handicap accessibility.

Community Members input on this year’s recreation budget was discussed. 

  • Pat suggested Ice Shack and maintenance and plowing so that the Ice Shack could be used this year.
  • Karen suggested a pig roast.
  • Dan suggested a fish derby.
  • Ryan suggested a playground. There were concerns of liability with insurance. Kayla will look into this.

Terri suggested monthly dinners, afternoon coffees or breakfasts

A discussion was had about everything going up, gas prices and maintenance on vehicles. The board discussed taking $2,450 out of the regular budget and $1,750 out of the surplus to cover the plows for this winter based on the number of times we plowed last year.

The Holiday Train is coming through Dyment on Dec 3rd. It will be leaving Ignace 9:45am and arriving in Dryden at 11:30am.

A community budget meeting will be Sunday, Nov. 20th at 10:00 a.m. The community is welcome to come and attend.

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