You are currently viewing Community Updates for October 28, 2022

Community Updates for October 28, 2022

Community Updates for October 28, 2022

A community discussion was held about the lower level of the community recreation hall. The Local Services Board is currently waiting on an electrician to be able to finish the ceiling. Flooring has started.

The community also talked about the progression of the new addition. They are waiting on windows, but once they arrive work can continue to finish the siding. The electrician should be here Monday!

We still need a few volunteers for the Garbage Schedule for the coming year, January and July are still available. If you are able to help volunteer for a month please contact Kayla Savoury or Janet Connor. 

The Bulletin Board at the new mail boxes looks awesome, Thank you Maurice!!! There was discussion about making a second one at the old mail boxes, Maurice volunteered to build this one as well.

Buying a desk for the office was discussed, the Board decided on a $300-$400 price limit.

Janet asked Kayla if she could get some quotes for internet from Bell and Starlink.

Janet discussed if we would like to have a Christmas dinner at the hall. The discussion was tabled till next meeting as we still do not have hot water. 

Community Members we need your input! Liz Norman from the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development has informed us that any surplus in our budget has to be properly put into our budget. If anyone has any input or ideas for how they would like this money spent.

Please come out to the next meeting and or write your ideas down and give it to a board member or the secretary treasurer.

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